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Doctors on call are a service which provides doctors to take care of urgent medical cases. All family should have a medical practitioner whom they can trust. But when we require an immediate medical care, we may have to opt for a second choice. Medical practitioners on cry offer more than eight hundred doctors on standby. In this service the doctors take care of their patients with acute and episodic conditions on any given day. It is estimated that more than a million patients utilize this service.

After hours gp provides a kit to its doctors with regular medicines and emergency medicines. Which enables the doctors to treat patients immediately with a moment’s notice? And the doctors providing home visits will send a detailed report to the doctor prescribed by the patient for further reference enabling the other general practitioners to have a better understanding about the patients’ condition.


Doctors from various trusts join together to make this idea came true. Most of the doctors provide consultations after their regular duty time. Having doctors on phone, gives the patients an opportunity for receiving the emergency first aid and to have a lifesaving chance for the doctors.

The doctors usually provide their service at different areas based on their availability. The most common medications provided by them are for asthma, respiratory infections, skin infections, gastro, eye complaints, urinary infections, body pain, elderly ailments, migraine and ear ache. Majority of patients utilizing this facility are children and youth.

In most cases the calls are made by the patients’ carers. People always begin to worry so much over little things when their dear ones fall ill. All the doctors in this scheme are trained in bedside manners along with specialised clinical skills. Which includes borrowing a sympathetic ear and the caring nature? The doctors are aware of the needs and expectations of patients. They try to do their best in all scenarios for curing the ill person. Also it is the responsibility of the doctor to calm the patient’s family as well. Doctors have to treat patients with conditions which are not life threatening, but require urgent attention. The fees of the consultations are bulk billed from the patient through their medical account. They don’t promote consultations for life threatening situations but check-ups for chronic deceases and prescription repeats are allowed. Most of the general practitioners stop their consultation after 9 ‘O clock. This causes people to opt for doctors on whoop more often.

Surprisingly during winter, the respiratory infection is the most common decease. The respiratory tract is vulnerable to viruses during colder climates. In olden days respiratory deceases such as pneumonia are treated as life threatening ones due to the intensity and low availability of vaccines was the root cause for this. All these infections are capable of affecting lungs, nose and throat. Symptoms of this decease are similar to that of a normal cold which makes people to have a carefree attitude towards it. Doctors on call service are a relaxation for the patients and their relatives.